Last call for Suzy’s leaves musicians singing the blues

Reid Haessly has been playing at Suzy’s for seven or eight years. When he first started showing up, he had years of experience writing and singing songs, but hadn’t performed in public in a while. Suzy’s, he said, helped him dive back in.

He plans to play at the farewell party on Saturday night, and will keep up periodic performances at the Hermosa Saloon and the Standing Room. But the vibe just won’t be the same. Suzy’s, he said, stood out because it managed to emphasize things that often work against one another: a focus on music, and an openness to all comers.

“There’s a great sense of community here. It’s been a wonderful opportunity for local musicians to play, and newer musicians to learn their craft. We’ve been really blessed. It’s tough to say goodbye.”

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